Buffalo Kloof Private Game Reserve is 20 000 hectares (50 000 acres) with no internal fencing – a veritable Eden of diverse flora, fauna and ecology featuring four different flora biomes. Located in the scenic Eastern Cape province of South Africa, 120 km east of the closest domestic airport of Port Elizabeth. Home to Elephant, Black and White Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Leopard as well as a host of smaller and unusual species of animals and birds.

Privately owned and operated, we are dedicated to living this dynamic of ‘making a difference’ every day, and persevering to make the Buffalo Kloof experience an unforgettable one – which our valued international and local guests eagerly return to, year after year.

Comprising of only two lodges, Spekboom Camp and Acacia Lodge, our carbon footprint is minimal. Privacy and personally hosted is our uniqueness. We offer a variety of options for guests to select their preference on how they wish to spend their experience and contribute to sustainability, conservation and the community at Buffalo Kloof.

Harvesting is critical to the management of game on the reserve, and this is only offered in an ethical and responsible manner. The funds generated from harvesting our fast breeding animals are used to protect and conserve our natural spaces and endangered species. Keystone species: Elephant, Cheetah, Leopard and Rhino are not harvested.

The key to successfully  protecting  our endangered animals is to have the land, and without the suitable habitat, we have nothing. Our passion is to provide a natural area through range expansion for critically endangered animals to roam free. Allowing man to experience this vision in a responsible and respectful manner.