community engagement

Our aim is to help the Yendella community become self-sufficient in the most eco-friendly way possible, it is so encouraging to see the community making full use of borehole water powered by solar panel supplied by Buffalo Kloof to irrigate their lands. In turn Buffalo Kloof buy the vegetables grown by the community to supply our own staff and guests., vegetables are also sold in a nearby town to generate an income.

Symbiosis and development – Yendella Community Engagement

Symbiosis and development – Yendella Community Engagement Buffalo Kloof prides itself in being a foundation member of the surrounding communities. We take our responsibility toward these communities very seriously and realise that reciprocity has an important and ongoing role to play here too. A good example thereof is our symbiotic relationship with our neighbouring Yendella community. Our overall aim is to mentor the community in various aspects of conservation, thereby empowering them to achieve long-term financial self-sustainability.

Additionally, various Buffalo Kloof-managed initiatives are being implemented. For example, women from the community are being trained to sew, knit, crochet and make beadwork products which they can sell to visitors and tourists. The crafting skills they are learning will help them to become more financially independent going forward.

In addition, we have made Yendella a long-term lease offer for community-owned land which is not suitable for farming or grazing, and would otherwise have lain idle. A number of suitable candidates from the community will also be trained as game rangers – this will enable them to seek further employment in the game industry. We have furthermore installed a borehole at our own cost – using solarpowered panels – to generate energy to pump fresh water for the Yendella community’s domestic / household use; and to supply water for crop irrigation. This the first time ever, that there has been a readily accessible water supply to the Yendella community.

The ultimate goal of all these initiatives is to slowly but steadily empower the Yendella community to create a sustainable source of income for themselves, with the aim of complete project handover after ten years.

Dropping fences helps game reserve and community thrive.
07 June 2019

Unlock Potential
Issue 6 2019

Taking Africa – and Buffalo Kloof – to heart

It is our sincere hope that – in addition to taking home hunting trophies and warm memories of their time spent at Buffalo Kloof – our international and local hunting and eco-tourism guests will be inspired to leave behind more than just their footprints. We invite them to get involved and play their part in further enhancing this amazing slice of Africa, its animals and the lives of its people. This will be possible through sponsorship or practical participation in community development projects such as Yendella and VetPaw, where guests are able to contribute towards making a tangible difference in the lives of our local people. In this way, and through many return visits over the coming years, we look forward to welcoming our international and local guests; and to sharing the excitement of fair chase, ethical hunting and the compelling beauty of Buffalo Kloof, all that we stand for – and Africa – for a long time to come.