As one of only two exclusive Rowland Ward ‘fair chase’ outfitters in South Africa, we operate with absolute integrity, according to the highest standards of international free roam and fair chase best practices and ethics.

At Buffalo Kloof we strive for nothing less than ethical harvesting and that is why we have come up with the key phrase “conservation with class & to harvest with thought”. Our predators alone cannot manage our fast breeding game numbers therefore we utilise harvesting as a tool to help us create a sustainable place for animals to live abundantly.

The removal of former boundary fences in order to enable a true ‘fair chase’ experience, is a good example of how seriously we take ethical hunting practices and behaviour. We never hunt from our vehicles and hunters get to experience the real adrenalin pumping walk and stalk with our highly skilled and qualified PH’s and trackers. As a result of this our wildlife have very little fear of a vehicle passing, enabling guests to relax and view some of our iconic wildlife species: elephant, white and black rhino, leopard and cheetah. A truly African experience does not come better – or indeed more ‘real’ – than this. You leave with a truly well-earned trophy, as well as having contributed to our local community and conservation of our endangered wildlife species.

Guests have the option to choose between our two different accommodation locations on the reserve. Or to stay in both, to experience the uniqueness of each.

Acacia Lodge is our original historic homestead with 4 spacious extra king size beds and en-suite bathrooms, including Wifi, full DSTV, electric blankets, underfloor heating and old farmhouse wrap around veranda. There is also an outdoor boma with fire pit is the perfect place for evening “braai”.

Spekboom Camp is our private camp nestled in the thick bush, immersed in a beautiful valley and secluded away from all sound and sight pollution. A must for every hunter, to experience the natural habitat, with the use of minimal footprint on the land.


I was fortunate enough to be one of the very first hunters to stay at Buffalo Kloof’s Spekboom Camp. It’s tough putting in to words how magnificent and special the accommodations of this camp are. When you travel half way around the world to experience Africa, and the great hunting it provides, you want to feel that welcome feeling of home.

Buffalo Kloof’s Spekboom Camp is the place! It’s nestled in the wild and rugged country of Africa’s Eastern Cape with all the comforts you would expect of home. Wildlife is abundant around camp and you will feel the allure of being in Wild Africa. After making numerous trips to Africa, I can tell you that Buffalo Kloof is second to NONE!

Dan Caitlin , Vice President of The Wildlife Gallery (USA)

Rowland Ward
Buffalo Kloof Wildlife Safaris is an appointed and registered outfitter with Rowland Ward Fair Chase Outfitters