The photographic opportunities at Buffalo Kloof are endless. Whether it be photographing the untouched landscapes, the sun setting on the horizon, the iconic elephant and black rhino or the unique Eastern Cape bird species. Private photography safaris offer a wonderful experience in providing the photographer privacy and to stop and explore areas of individual interest. Photographers of all caliber, experience and interest are welcome to this haven of photographic potential.

We recommend you bring all of your camera basics and necessities such as camera bodies, equipped lenses for wildlife photography or landscapes, camera cases, a tripod, binoculars, extra SD cards and batteries.

With wildlife photography you often need a bit of luck to capture your unique image but with Buffalo Kloof’s experienced guides you are guaranteed to have your expectations fulfilled. Due to the size and vastness of the reserve we recommend a minimum of a two night stay in either of our two lodges, Spekboom or Acacia. There is Wifi and charging facilities at both lodges.

Owing to size and there being minimal human interaction on the reserve there is also great opportunity to do wildlife documentaries on specific animals. Please email for more information if you are interested.


 “Having travelled as a photographer all over the world there are few places that have captivated me quite like Africa. Buffalo Kloof has become one of my favorite places to stay while I’m there. Warne and Wendy are two of the warmest most gracious hosts and made me feel like family. As far as the wildlife, the encounters I was able to have there will stay with me for a lifetime and I doubt I could have had them anywhere else. The guides and staff they have are so knowledgeable about the animals and they were always able to put me in the right spot to capture the images I was after. There is something magical about Buffalo Kloof, I can’t wait to return as I know I will be greeted by friends”.

Strati Hovartos, (USA)

“ Buffalo Kloof is to this day the most exciting and captivating wildlife Reserve I have ever visited. The lush and diverse landscape serves as a window into primordial Africa which constantly surprises. I never thought I would have the privilege of seeing a herd of Rhino and a herd of elephant in the same day, let alone hippo, Cape Buffalo, kudus, and cheetah. The staff are gracious, inviting and knowledgable, and knew exactly where to take us to get my perfect shots. To see a breeding pair of black rhino and a baby white rhino will be something I will never forget, and is fortunately a regular occurrence on game drives. Buffalo Kloof is a place where memories are made and dreams are forged deep in the heart of the wild.”

Andy Malcolm, (USA)